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Krishna Story - When Draupadi met Krishna's Queens

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    Shri Radha Krishna
Krishna Leela

Before the Mahabharat war, Yādavas and many other kings met at Kurukṣetra during a solar eclipse. Krishna also met the residents of Vrindavana after a long time and gave them great joy.

Krishna and his wives then went to meet the Pandavas. He asked Yudhisthira and His other relatives whether they were well. They replied, “My Lord, anyone who has just once consumed through his ears the sweet nectar of Your pastimes can never know misfortune.”

Then Draupadī inquired from Krishna's wives how the Lord had come to marry them.

Radha and Krishna

Queen Rukmini spoke first: “Many kings, headed by Jarasandha, were intent on giving me in marriage to Shishupala. Thus at my wedding they all stood with bows in hand, ready to support Shishupala against any opponents. But Krishna came and forcibly took me away, as a lion takes his prey from amidst goats and sheep.”

Queen Satyabhama said, “When my uncle Prasena was killed, my father, Satrajit, falsely accused Lord Krishna of murder. To clear His name, Krishna defeated Jambavan, recovered the Syamantaka jewel and returned it to Satrājit. Repentant, my father presented the Lord with both the jewel and myself.”

Queen Jambavati said, “When Krishna entered my father’s cave in search of the Syamantaka jewel, at first my father, Jambavan, did not understand who He was. So my father fought with Him for twenty-seven days and nights. Finally, Jambavan understood that Krishna was none other than Lord Ram, his worshipable Lord. Thus he gave Krishna the Syamantaka jewel, along with me.”

Queen Kalindi said, “To obtain Krishna as my husband, I performed severe austerities. Then one day Lord Kṛṣṇa came to me in the company of Arjuna, and at that time the Lord agreed to marry me.”

Queen Mitravinda said, “Krishna came to my svayamvara ceremony, where He defeated all the opposing kings and took me away to His city of Dvaraka.”

Queen Satya said, “My father stipulated that to win my hand, a prospective suitor would have to subdue and tie up seven powerful bulls. Accepting this challenge, Lord Krishna playfully subdued them, defeated all His rival suitors and married me.”

Queen Bhadra said, “My father invited his nephew Kṛṣṇa, to whom I had already given my heart, and offered me to Him as His bride.”

Queen Lakshmana said to Draupadī, “At my svayamvara, as at yours, a fish-target was fastened near the ceiling. But in my case the fish was concealed on all sides, and only its reflection could be seen in a pot of water below. Several kings tried to hit the fish with an arrow but failed. Arjuna then made his attempt. He concentrated on the reflection of the fish in the water and took careful aim, but when he released his arrow it only grazed the target. Then Krishna fixed His arrow on the bow and shot it straight through the target, knocking it to the ground. I placed the victory necklace on Krishna’s neck, but the kings who had failed raised a violent protest. Lord Krishna valiantly fought them, cutting off the heads, arms and legs of many and sending the rest fleeing for their lives. Then the Lord took me to Dvaraka for our lavish wedding.”

Queen Rohini, representing all the other queens, explained that they were daughters of the kings defeated by Bhaumasura. The demon had held them captive, but when Krishna killed him He had released them and married them all.