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Radha Krishna

Radha Krishna (the eternal lovers) are known within the Sanatana Dharma as the combination of both the male and the female aspects of God. The names “Radha” and “Krishna” transform into each other and are always spoken in one breath as if they were one. Both are completely suited to each other in every way and cannot be separated from each other.

Radha Krishna represent the purest form of love. Their love is eternal, beyond time. Without Radha, Krishna is incomplete and without Krishna, Radha is incomplete. Together, they are the Supreme. The love of Radha and Krishna is often epitomized as the ultimate pursuit of a devoted mortal to unite with the Divine. Radha’s longing for union with her beloved Krishna is the soul’s longing for spiritual awakening.

Krishna is the Supreme God (the God himself) and Radha is the Supreme Goddess and it is believed that she even controls Krishna by her love. Krishna represents the Paramatma (the universal self) and Radha represents the Jeevatma (the individual self). The Radha Krishna love story is representative of the divine union between the Jeevatma and the Paramatma. Krishna (also known as Madana Mohan) mesmerises the entire world but it is only Radha who mesmerises even Krishna and binds him in her love. Hence, she is the Supreme Goddess.


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Radha Krishna


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