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Krishna Story : When Krishna dressed as a Gopi

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    Shri Radha Krishna
Radha is angry with Krishna

Once Shri Radha (Lord Krishna‘s eternal consort) was waiting for the arrival of her beloved Krishna, but He was very late. Soon, Radha’s pet parrot arrived and told her about Krishna’s meeting with a beautiful Gopi named Chandravali which was the reason for his late arrival. Listening to this, Radha became very angry, and in a fit of jealousy she went to a secluded place and hid. When Krishna arrived there, He was worried to see Radharani in such a troubled state. He tried a lot to soothe Her anger but failed. Radharani even denied talking to Him.

Krishna dressed as Radha

Failing to assuage Radha’s anger, Krishna asked Vishakha Sakhi for help. On realizing Krishna’s concern, Vishakha Sakhi advised Him to dress like a Gopi. Krishna took her advice and clothed as a Gopi to please Radharani.

Krishna dancing like a Gopi

Vishakha named Him Shyama Gopi (Shyam being one of Lord Krishna’s most prominent names) and took Him to Radha. She told Radha that Shyama Gopi is her new friend and she sings very well. Radha was pleased to meet this new Gopi and asked her to sing and play veena. Krishna(Shyama Gopi) then sang lots of love songs for the pleasure of Srimati Radharani. Radharani was so mesmerized by Shyama Gopi’s singing that she embraced her. Soon, on touching her body, Radha realized that Shyama Gopi was none other than Her beloved Krishna. She was so absorbed in the loving pastime with Krishna that Her anger for Him vanished. The location where this wonderful pastime took place is known as Maan Kutir.